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What Is the Function of Your Dryer Vent System in Your Home?

While most homeowners are aware that their home has a dryer vent, many are unaware of what it does and why it is critical to keep it running properly. The dryer vent is often overlooked because it is not as visible as other systems in your home, which can lead to problems and potential hazards down the road.

The following are some fundamentals that will help you better understand the critical role your dryer vent plays in the proper and safe operation of your home.

  • Your home would become extremely hot if you did not have a dryer vent. You can also get the same effect if your dryer vent isn’t working properly. You’ll need a dryer vent to get the hot air from your dryer outside. Without it, all of the hot air would enter your home.
  • Aluminum tubing protects your dryer vent. Although plastic and vinyl tubing was once popular, experts now recommend connecting your dryer vent to aluminum tubing to avoid potential fire hazards.
  • It is critical to clean your dryer vent on a regular basis. Lint and other debris will clog your dryer vent if you do not maintain it. The first thing you’ll notice when this happens is that your clothes don’t dry quickly. This can result in high electric bills and possibly damage to your dryer. Experts recommend having your dryer vent system professionally cleaned once a year.

Without your dryer vent, not only would your home be uncomfortable, but you would also have to pay more money on a monthly basis to compensate. Remember to consult a professional at least once a year to help keep up with regular maintenance to keep your home’s dryer vent system in great working order.

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