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Mold is a common HVAC complaint that is simple to solve.

Mold growth in an HVAC system is a regular occurrence. Mold is a cunning little thief. It may grow and spread undetected, causing illness in building inhabitants and drastically lowering indoor air quality (IAQ). A forced-air HVAC system is the quickest way to spread mold across a structure.
Mold is constantly present in your buildings and your HVAC system to the amount that it is prevalent in your building’s surroundings, which is why this issue is so common. In humid conditions, mold will be more prevalent, whereas, in dry weather, mold will be less prevalent. You’ll never be fully free of it, but you can manage it. Moisture and food are all it needs to develop, therefore if you take both away, the mold will die.
According to the EPA, you should evaluate your HVAC systems on a regular basis, not just for mold, but also for moisture. Check to see that the drain and condensate pans are draining correctly. If they become blocked, the moisture that collects will become a breeding ground for mold. Make that all HVAC ducts and system components, such as air handlers, blowers, plenums, and the like, are dry.
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