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How Dryer Cleaning Can Help You Prevent a Fire in Your Dryer

Lint is the most serious problem here. Dryers are notorious for creating a great amount of lint, as you will discover while cleaning out your filter. Many individuals believe that their lint trap would capture everything and that all they have to do is clean it out after each cycle. However, much of this is not caught by the lint trap and will begin to accumulate inside the dryer and the heating element! If you’re still not convinced, try this experiment: remove your lint trap and take a good look behind it; you’ll be astonished at how much lint there is. Lint can also accumulate on your dryer’s heating element, causing it to overheat and possibly catch fire. That is why vent and dryer cleaning is critical.

Outside of the Dryer

There are several wrong dryer vent practices that may block airflow and cause lint buildup; some of the most common and major dryer vent errors are described below:

Dryer vents that are extremely lengthy or have too many bends, as well as those that lack a duct booster, result in lint buildup. When it comes to dryer vents, we always recommend that they be as short and straight as possible.

Using flammable and fragile duct extenders made of plastic or foil. We at 1st Quality Restoration always recommend utilizing metal vents when it comes to vents. Metal vents will not be as readily crushed, as restricted airflow due to crushing can cause overheating and premature wear on the device. In fact, most state and local governments have now made it mandatory for new constructions to feature metal dryer venting.

There isn’t enough room between the dryer and the wall. Most individuals cause their own difficulties by placing their dryer flush against a wall, which crushes the venting material. The combination of limited airflow and lint buildup will prohibit a dryer from adequately drying. As a result, the temperature within the appliance rises.

Failure to clean the ducts properly.

If you’re worried about your dryer, give us a call to schedule a dryer vent cleaning.