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4 Ways to Keep Your Dryer Running Smoothly

Laundry is a weekly task that we all must perform. The dryer is a hardworking device that doesn’t require much maintenance. However, if it is not properly maintained, it can work inefficiently, cost you money, and even pose a fire threat. Use our tips to maintain your dryer in good working order!

Make proper and safe use of the dryer. Ensure that your dryer is installed by a professional and that it is maintained by a specialist as needed. Make sure the dryer is correctly grounded, and only use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep combustible objects, such as cardboard boxes, cleaning chemicals, and so on, away from the dryer. If you’re not home, don’t let the dryer run, and turn it off when you leave the house or go to bed.

Check to see whether the air exhaust vent is blocked. To ensure that your dryer vent is not clogged, keep an eye out for the warning signals. For example, if the exterior vent flap does not open, if the dryer is hot to the touch, or if your clothing takes considerably longer to dry than usual, these are all signs that your dryer vent is clogged.

Schedule expert dryer vent cleaning visits on a regular basis. Even if you don’t believe you need it, get your dryer vent professionally cleaned. A competent dryer vent cleaning company will arrive with equipment and gear that can remove more lint than you could by hand.
The dryer vent in a typical single-family house should be cleaned at least once a year. However, laundry demands differ per family, and your dryer vent may need to be cleaned more regularly than that.